Rogue gnome seeking wealth and glory while fleeing his dark past.


Str: 11
Dex: 16
Con: 9
Int: 19
Wis: 15
Cha: 11

Climb wall + Big demon with overpowered sword= Death


Juoma, son of Jontar, is a gnome hailing from the small underground settlement of Roisto, located near the mining town of Iso. He travels the world in search of ‘everything the world owes him’, which he basically defines as complete freedom, and an infinite amount of wealth. Like most gnomes, he is very short, standing at approximately 3’, and rather stocky. Juoma’s acute dexterity and nimbleness render him an excellent thief, as he is able to operate in silence and shadow, unseen and unheard from observers.

Juoma is also an excellent alchemist, especially when compared to other gnomes, who seem to lack the discipline to become successful potion brewers. Furthermore, as opposed to his kin, which favors subterranean-dwelling, Juoma lived most of his life on the surface and was in close contact with nature. This permitted him to become very knowledgeable in the field of botany and soon become a respectable, if not skillful, alchemist.

Early years
Juoma was born in Roisto, where he grew and was raised by his father, Jontar, and his mother, Hunaja. His father was a simple peasant and his low income could not support the lifestyle of his family. Juoma was thus forced to find work at a very early age in order to consolidate the financial situation of his household. The lad was however infamous because of it’s renown mischief and recklessness and, on that account, wasn’t entrusted with a single stable job as employers feared his lack of discipline and responsibility. His father, Jontar, a very violent and impatient gnome, could not tolerate Juoma’s unemployment and resorted to physical violence to punish and attempt to rectify his son’s incapability to acquire a stable income.

Juoma was forced in a deep conflict. He had to find money or he’d suffer from his father subsequent wrath. However, he was still unable to find work and so, he decided to resort to other means of acquiring money, which were mostly unlawful. Theft seemed to him as the perfect solution as it was, in his opinion, easy and rewarding ‘work’.

Juoma was seemingly gifted for the art of theft. He was quick, agile and very smart. His immaculately executed crimes, which started as humble pickpockets and evolved to more sophisticated burglaries, soon drew heavy attention from the thieves community on him. Juoma was even offered to join the infamous Black Feathers, a worldwide renowned syndicate of crooks and thieves. The offer was accepted and Juoma soon became an active member of one of the biggest criminal organizations of the Roc.

Life in Solitude
Juoma’s life changed drastically when he was caught stealing for the first time. Indeed, the gifted thief was seemingly able to remain undetected from it’s victims and never was, until then, suspected of being a criminal.
In addition, Juoma was caught during a particularly hazardous theft : he was to steal an (enchanted) weapon from a town’s barrack which is in, gnome lore, a crime punishable by death. Indeed, any offense against law enforcement is considered very severely and is usually punished by stiff penalties. Since Juoma hadn’t reach maturity at the time and since he did not ultimately steal anything from the barrack, he was excused from the capital punishment, but was nonetheless publicly exposed as he really was : a thief and criminal.

Now fully exposed as what he truly was, Juoma confronted his father and had a final argument with him, ultimately killing him after a physical dispute. After the murder of his father, the gnome forced himself to exile and learned to live in solitude, relying solely on his theft skill to survive. Eventually, after being in closeness with nature for many years, Juoma picked up a great deal of knowledge in the field of alchemy.


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