Insane Wood Elf seeking revenge for her ruined childhood


Skämtare is a Wood Elf originating from the town of Vaattenfall in the Western Blaelse Forest. She always appears in some sort of delirious euphoria and fancies flashy and gaudy garb, which can get her easily mistaken her for a lowly jester. However, Skämtare’s jocularity is merely a clever fabrication to allow her better contact with highly ranking members of the nobility and the government. It is indeed common knowledge that members of the nobility appreciate the entertainment of a good jester. Despite her apparent gaiety, the Elf really only aspires to trick aristocratic men in order to rob them or create scandal.

Skämtare, like most Elves, is an excellent marksman. She prefers the use of the longbow for ranged combat and uses her trusty blowgun for closer encounters.

Early Years
Skämtare was born in the large town of Vaattenfall in the western region of Blaesle Forest. Orphaned at a very young age, as both her parents died from illness, she was taken care by her particularly wealthy grandfather and subsequently joined the titled aristocracy of the Elves. She was endowed with the best possible education, lived a comfortable life and seemed set to follow the footsteps of her relatives. However, as she grew up, the young Skämtare felt pity for the less fortunate and became increasingly loathsome towards her richer family and soon began to disdain the entire aristocracy of Vaattenfall, which she dubbed hypocrites and thieves. She eventually ran away from her grandfather and left Vaattenfall, which was, in her eyes, nothing but irreparably corrupt.

The Elf then strayed far away from her homeland. She made it as far as Förlorade, nearly half-way across Blaelse before succumbing to exhaustion. She was found, nearly dead, by a traveling circus which nursed her to health and engaged her as an errand runner in exchange for shelter and food. One of the circus member’s eventually recognized Skämtare’s acute marksmanship, and the young elf soon became one of the circus’ attractions, as a bowman of great accuracy.

In due course, Skämtare became particularly fond of one of the circus’ members, a human jester named Endlerend. The two rapidly engaged in a romantic relationship which led Endlerend to trust Skamtare enough to admit that he was a con man (more of a ‘swindler’ in his words) who ensnared rich people into various lucrative gimmicks. Skämtare was initially shocked by the revelation, but was later seduced by the idea of committing small scale crime against the aristocracy she loathed so much. She then joined her lover in his activities. She disguised herself as a jester, to gain people’s trust and interest, and then used her charisma to manipulate her victims. Endlerend’s and her eventually left the circus and journeyed the world in search of easy targets for their fraud.

After weeks of traveling the Roc, Endlerend and Skämtare found the castle of * and decided that the estate would be a suitable target for their crime. *****’s lord, Feral the Glutton, was indeed renown for his great wealth and for committing abominable actions against it’s subjects.


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