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  • Hunaja

    Hunaja was born and lived in [[Roisto]] where she gave birth to her only son, [[:juoma|Juoma]].

  • Skämtare

    Skämtare is a Wood [[Elf]] originating from the town of Vaattenfall in the Western [[Blaelse]] Forest. She always appears in some sort of delirious euphoria and fancies flashy and gaudy garb, which can get her easily mistaken her for a lowly …

  • Maurt Skyspoiler

    Maurt Skyspoiler, commonly referred to by is affectionate surname Marty, is the leader of a segment of the [[Black Feathers]] who handle the illegal exportation of the black powder made in Korn. Marty seems to be able to remain undetected to Korn …

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