Black Feathers

The Black Feathers are a shadowy and mysterious syndicate of gnome thieves, pickpockets, bandits and crooks traveling the world in order to sack towns and travelers. Although members are free to act as they see fit and are bound by no specific oath, a pale administration governs the group, only to regulate it’s main guidelines and organize the bigger, more complex, crimes. Varas The Silent is rumored to be the ringleader of the Black Feathers.

The Black Feathers were originally founded after a grouping of highwaymen who desired to work in team in order to become more intimidating, thus increasing their effectiveness. The plan was indeed successful, and the small group grew considerably larger. The substantial income of the highwaymen led them to include thieves and crooks in their organization and to extend it’s area of activity, while maximizing it’s profit. After some time, the Black Feathers were divided into smaller units and populated almost every major region of the Roc.

Criminal Activities
The group’s activities are mainly, while not limited to, theft, fraud and forgery.

Active area
The Black Feathers are divided in smaller groups scattered in almost every corner of the known world, rendering their active area at a worldwide scale. However, it is most powerful in large communities, such as Iso, where the organization’s informal headquarters are located.

  • Satama
    Although the Black Feathers were able to sustain, for a few years, an almost viable black market in the Elvish city of Satama, it’s activity never grew into a large scale, mostly because of Satama’s relative remoteness. Strangely, the only killing associated with members of the organization was perpetrated in Satama.
  • Iso
    Considered by many to be the capital of crooks, the large underground mining town of Iso is well suited as the center of the organization’s activities. Iso was also the hometown of Varas the Silent, alleged founder and leader of the Black Feathers for the majority of it’s active years.
  • Korn
    Led by the Dwarf Maurt Skyspoiler, the Black Feathers sustain a lucrative smuggling of black powder in the dwarfish capital. Most of their smuggle black powder is sold to the gnome city Iso who uses it as a mean to accelerate the excavation of mines.

Black Feathers

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